A�PetrCech was a rock as far as Chelseaa��s history gets to be documented for the coming generation.

Not even a head injury could stop him from going on to be known as the king of one on one situations plus other little tricks he used for years to destabilize onrushing strikers and their likes and in the end got away with the ball safely tucked in the safety of his limbs or at worse parried away from his guard station a�� the goal line.

It still didna��t stop Chelsea from separating business from emotional attachments as The Blues came to the conclusion that not only was he spent, his waiting-in-line back up Belgium international Thibaut Courtois will be an upgrade.

Then Arsenal snapped him up. The Gunners for some reason have struggled to find someone with similar capable gloves of David Seaman.

In WoljciechSzczesny and Lucas Fabianski, Wenger hoped his prayers would be answered only to be disappointed by the inconsistency of the aforementioned lot.

Of all the criticisms the Arsenal manager have had to endure from pundits and fans, his dogmatic attachment to the belief of only operating with a youthful side was the most rife. Signing Peter Cech served as a pointer that maybe his flexibility in thinking was finally around the corner.

Plus, the goal keeping position is so sensitive that tiny gaffes hardly escape the watching stands as Loris Karius will attest.

Petra��s arrival meant Woljciech and Lucas had to go on loan. The former went to Roma and under two seasons he has amassed 72 Serie A appearances and particularly formed an important part of the machine that made Juventus sweat a little before they lifted the scudetto.

With Cech getting older, it seems the time is right for the Pole to have one last shot at making history at the club closest to his heart.