Pochettino got the boot at Spurs yesterday. The coaching pool is filled no doubt, like every rational being or entity, Tottenham are going to go for the biggest fish: Jose Mourinho.

The North Londoners finally pulled the plug on Poch, a coach who brought great stability but nothing much else. They are now going for the one whose best virtue is the opposite: chaos.

Ever since Mourinho arrived with the “I am the Special One” intro to England, it is hard to shake of that feeling of the Portuguese being at any new club to shake things up.

Like Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United can testify, when it favors the team, it is marvelous but when his method ruins the team, they almost never come back from it.

From clashing with senior players to battling with club executives over who is going to control the club’s transfer coffers, Daniel Levy is aware of what he is getting himself into.

For all Mourinho’s troubles, there’s always a catch: nobody would be bored. Not the league itself and certainly not the club.

For all his troubles at United, he won them a Europa League cup and a second-place finish in the Premier League in his second season.

For all of Pochettino’s achievements over the years, one stat that worked against him for years was his inability to win against the big boys. It signaled that he would never really take them to the highest of heights. With Mourinho, that won’t be the case.

Julian Nagelsmann and Brendan Rogers have also been mentioned as likely picks but unless the sun suddenly stops rising from the East, Jose Mourinho is going to end up at North London.

Spurs faces West Ham in a London derby this weekend. It will be a good place for Mourinho to remind the Premier League what he is capable of as soon as possible.